Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Vay2Go Accounting Services run on world-class software technology integrating front, mid and back-office functions on Blue Grass Framework. An exquisite accounting package that enables Vay2Go make available the following reports as per customers specification:

  • Passenger sales report

  • Detailed balance

  • Detailed balance stored on schedules

  • Client group summary balance

  • Ageing analysis

  • Outstanding statement

  • Overdue statement

  • Client group ageing report

  • Corporate - Airline, Revenue management reports

  • Extensive financial analysis reporting that allows monitoring of client procurement

  • Data export options in real time as well as batch mode to SAP and Oracle Financial

  • The back office also provides creation and export option for periodic reports to Diners, Airplus and Prism

  • Facilitates electronic delivery of documents to clients